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World Social Forum

Yesterday we arrived at the World Social Forum Youth Camp after an extremely frustrating registration process that took place among many locations scattered throughout Caracas. The camp is of a higher altitude that provides a nice break from the hectic streets where we spent the first four nights of our journey. It is extremely encouraging to see people from all over the world be put in such a living situation and lose the apprehension and separation that results from differences in language and culture. Being at the camp also provides a better idea of what the coming days may have in store for us as far as what kind of people we will be sharing ideas with. The scheduled events for the forum officially begin tomorrow and we will divide up to most efficiently cover what is going on at the WSF. It will be interesting to see what perspectives will become dominant among discourse considering the wide array of people who are here. I suspect that the days ahead will bring great amounts of content to this website.

posted by R.J. on Tuesday, January 24, 2006