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World Social Forum

All ten of us are back in the States, no worse for wear. Going to the World Social Forum was a very important thing for me. The last workshop I went to was an overview of the recent WTO meeting in Hong Kong, and what went wrong. It was hosted by the kindly Walden Bello, of Focus on the Global South.


The day after the WTO talk, Jade, Jonah, Adam, a generous Venezuelan named Natalia, and I climbed a mountain named Avila. We walked from the center of the city to its peak. After making our way down in a jeep, Natalia took us to her home for a delicious meal of Pabellón, beers, then coffee.


This is a picture of urban permaculture in Caracas that I failed to post previously.


And a picture of a building at night. The top floors had a fire that we were told was caused by opposition to the Chavez governemnt. I am not sure that this is true now.


This was the press room.


In a comment posted earlier, someone asked who the Cuban Five were. On the subject of comments, I'm sorry that they were not anonymous, this was unintentional. On the subject of the Cuban Five, they are Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González. They were in Miami investigating possible anti-Castro terrorists, the kind the US protects. They are now serving four life sentences after being convicted in a shameful display of McCarthyist posturing. The Five never threatened the US, possessed weapons, or spied on the US government. They were simply trying to prevent terrorism that would otherwise go unpunished or unimpeded by the USA.

It's hard coming back to the states and being greeted by "information" like this.


posted by tim on Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said: "And a picture of a building at night. Opposition to chavez firebombed the top floors of this building, and then tried to blame it on Chavistas. The plot was revealed under inspection."

Could you provide a link on this?


Anonymous Anonymous said: We got the info from Caracans and native Venezuelans, as well as other travellers. If your spanish is up to it, I'm sure you can find some articles about it on the web.


Anonymous Anonymous said: Well, guess what, my spanish is very up to it, since I'm venezuelan. I even got you a link here, which clearly says the fire was probably caused by lack of maintenance: a couple of weeks after the big fire, another fire was controlled inside the other tower at noon on a workday, luckily, without harming anyone.


My point is, do not believe every crap you hear in Caracas. You have internet access, so nothing can stop you from getting information instead of bullshit. Just because you read something from an "alternative" news outlet, doesn't mean it's true.  

Blogger tim said: Point taken. I did not scour the web for info on the incident before posting about, it, because the reports of the events as I relayed them were rather ubiquitous. I was quick to believe the people who told us as they were long time Caracans, but perhaps the Venezuelan media fell through on proper discussion on this info.

I will edit the post. Thanks,

Blogger natalia said: hi just sending kisses and hugs!:)  

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