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World Social Forum

The mudpit of a youth camp in the misty mountains at Vinicio Adames park has shown a steady stream of abandonment in favor of the drier, though less secure, youth camp in Caobos park in the center of Caracas. We have recently decided to follow suit.

Last night after a an excelent panel on media activism and reform (as elucidated by Tim) a group of us got some expensive indian food in a richish area of Caracas known as Altamira, which we all agreed was not that legit. During dinner we had a good conversation that brought up a number of questions about what we should be doing in our lives and in the world in order to bring about the change that we all know is necessary in this disturbed global moment in which we find ourselves. Ideas on the moral (we also speculated on the existence of morality) necessity of action in the face of ever mounting atrocities and the unnumbered tears that accompany them were layed on the table. The conversation reached no clear conclusion on what exactly must be done by each actor, but the basic list generated from the debate seemed to me to emphasize that in order to act one must feel, I mean really feel the pain of much what is going on around you and love, like be in love with, what you are acting to save, etc. Also, working to build fuctional and inclusive alternatives is a necessary method for semi-passively confronting the anthropocentric White patriarchal hegemonic ecocidal civilized culture of death that we are all working against. And in doing this one must become part of a community and be entrenched in the love, interaction and intercommunication that emerges from communal associations. Additionally, in working against the industrial doom bringer the activist or whatever may behave in a way that is selfish, in that what acts they undertake bring them happiness and resolve. We decided that that is important and acceptable also...I think. While also realizing that whatever one is doing is a reaction based on the interface between emotion, intellect and the spirit of realty-nature-environmental influence and thus our means take precedent in many ways over our ends, for the end and the bright future it represents is so uncertain, unplannable and unpredictable that it is in the emotive reactions and the action and work that they spur us towards which will take center stage in the dance of the individuals life. I am not sure where we all stand in regard to the imperratives of revolutionary transformation, the strategy toward bringing forth the coming Age of Light, or the specific role that each of us privilaged estadounidenses must take in this work of galactic proportions.

So after that dinner it was getting late and we heard tell that transportation to the youth camp was not available. Due to the disorganization factor of this whole event, that turned out to be not true an we ended up getting back to the muddy Vinicio camp in time to get down with a dub-reggae-roots chill fest scene. However, as a group we decided that this youth camp was starting to run out of energy and was losing the somewhat compelling edge it originally possessed...i.e. mad peeps were evacuating and transit infrastructure was supposedly being dismantled. So we all moved to Parque los Caobos youth campe this morning and set up our little 5-tent community in the Peace Camp. The Peace Camp is a sub-camp of the youth camp and, from my experience last year in a similarly themed space, it is overrun with Mayan calender devotees awaiting 2012 and the transcendental object at the end of history. They are heads fo' real.

Presidente de la Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias speaks tonight at what we have termed the "Thunderdome" (el Poliedro). We all suspect that he will most definatly take us beyond Thunderdome.

posted by Jade on Friday, January 27, 2006