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World Social Forum

Tommorrow in the morning time- We get to visit the poorest neighborhood in Venezuela with a gentleman from there.

Presently- There are three young women rapping with staggering speed and annunciation over pirated beats at a stage in the street in the rain.

A few hours ago - Before Chavez spoke to raring crowds of Cubans and Venezuelans at the gigantic geodesic dome a Catholic priest told this story:
"A few minutes ago, before I came on stage, a young man asked me if I am the priest who will bless this new revolution. I told him, no, that the revolutin does not need any blessing. I told him that the revolution blesses all of us, and creates a new era of love. That is the blessing."

When I come home I am going to do some reading (or at least check wikipedia) on Latin American history, especially these topics: the history of the American cowboys that tried to take over Central America, Simon Bolivar, Fidel Castro and the history of imperialism by United States fruit corporations.

posted by Luke on Friday, January 27, 2006