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World Social Forum

The first day I have been able to even put into words the questions that have been lingering, and now squeezing in a pithy chillon blunt blurp to pass the time till dead prez play in parque central, surprise surprize, and after the first day in which we actually found black beans (muchisso carne, nada mas). Thoughts being to materiarilize when we ask questions of the world, and every time a question has been posed, an answer has been given, within the hour.

Today the questions posed were:

Are cars part of nature?
Is it better to organize or inform?
What is first?
Is it possible to be part of everything righteous, or do we need specialized righteousness?
Who do we love?
Where are my friends?
Should we move to the other youth camp?
Which is muddier?
Is there an ideal world beyond that which we can see with our senses?
Can I get that without ham in it?

Yes, but they still make us feel bad.
It is better to do both.
Specialize in righteousness.
The sun.
They are all around you.
They are both muddy so we should stay here.
Inherently no, but practically yes.

Adam and I talked for a long time about the problem of sympathizing with and wanting to be a part of all social movements, things being so obviously fucked, especially when they are all collected and advertized before you, and, being inherently wary of posturing and coded elitism of leftist politics, and the tendency for social struggles to become a collection of bumper stickers and pins, or in our case patches and places traveled, how can we know about everything, how can we participate, when there is so much that is fucked up? Is there something dishonest, something that still smells beneath the butcher paper of missionary ideology of progress and salvation, of the good in doing good because it feels good for americans to travel to paradise to help save the environment, or to flock to the sexiest, bandanaed insurrections, to collect these struggles like pokemon, but cynicism aside, there are practical problems with being involved in every struggle, and a unified radical left does not mean that every person must know everything, nor that one must know everything about a thing to act in a righteous manner, that this humbleness may be the paralyzing force that keeps us from speaking out in a righteous manner. We talked also about the ur project of the world social forum in collecting all such dignified struggles under one single roof, leaky as it is, and what the implications of this funneling are. The workshops themselves seem to hover on a frustratingly general level, too political to address the big questions (time and history, language, the relevance of politics itslef and how it is changing) and too vague and strategic to illustrate local examples. Conservatives have long harangued the left, with their protest and paraphernalia, for their insistence on multi-dangled causes, but the revolution turns out to be a lot slower than everyone was prepared for, and here in caracas we see that it is only about change in consciousness. The project of the WSF is thus to experientally link the struggles of andean llama herders with open source software with generic aids drugs with canadian strip mining with global warming etc. It is precisely the logic of capital which demands that we respond only to what we can separate out into sections of the newspaper, only ratify those portions of reality which can be assigned conveniently a 4 minute fox 5 spot or a 2 page z magazine editorial. the ideas we are dealing with here are covertly metaphysical and require not so much the attendance of poorly organized lectures (of which there are literally hundreds) but the energy generated when people stop being crybabies and start sending sparks out between them. Biggest lesson so far: talk to everyone. awareness is a revolution in itself, all else follows directly.

posted by jonah.adels on Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blogger rmd said: wow. thank you all for posting this great stuff while you're so busy, i'm really loving it.

everything so far has been wonderful, but this post and it's last few predecessors in particular have been full of awesomely heady fire. please keep it up.  

Blogger aw156 said: hey, this is really great. i am greatful for the daily updates of the blog and hope that others here at bard are taking this opportunity to live it through you. i cant wait to here you all speak of your adventures and experiences in venezuela. be seeing you soon.
addison walz