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World Social Forum

Today was really positive.

I went from feeling like the world is crashing and I just want to sleep through it to realizing that community is everything. I will leave the multitude of details and stories about the barrio el 23 de enero to the others who can do it with much more interesting adjectives than me. But this special space in Caracas, this knitted zone, has figured It out, slowly and methodically, as Tim said.

I am leaving in a few minutes or hours for the airport with Bing. We have to leave early in the morning and a key road is closed due to a collapsed bridge. So we will travel through the mountains for a few hours and it will be very beautiful and dark.

Community is what I am interested in, I have been, but now there is more hope. I cant wait until I get old with gray hair and live in some town or city and work with local schools, local clinics, local food, friends, cats, and dogs. Hopefully our locals will be free for all, like here, with love and care of course.

I am going to miss the mud and rain, and plaintains and babies. And the amazing generous Caracans.


posted by Luke on Saturday, January 28, 2006