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World Social Forum

3 things have stood out in mind from the last two days:
1) on a casual stroll around the city, about to enter the central park of caracas, we ran into two spanish anarchists, who came to venezuela to help organize the alternative social forum. They were incredibly informative and generous, and have invited us to a punk show next weekend. It seems that we will check out both the world social forum and the alternative anti-authoritarian forum, time depending.

2) We visited a food cooperative, which kiernan recommended we see. We spoke at length with the owners, all of which were young and affable. Since meat is in popular demand here, they deal primarily with it. Worthy good vegetarian food is hard to come by. However, they were all very nice and we laughed about our friend in common. They gave us some info regarding the beach which we hope to visit tomorrow, with hopes of tropical turquoise waters and swaying palms.

3) Today, just now in fact, we went to the Biblioteca Nacional, a collasal modern building that seems to serve as a town center of sorts. We poked around a while a eventually found our destination: vive tv, one of the governments two state run television programs. We got a private tour from two of the many young and friendly workers there. The youth seem to have taken over the country´s media, at least in the state run programs. They gave us more info than we knew had to swallow, including an invite to a informational meeting slash party for the journalists at the forum, which i guess we are. the office, lined with pictures of famous indigenous leaders, pro-palestinian imagery, and more pictures of chavez and che than ive seen in one place before), buzzes with energy and the prevalent sentiment of hope.

-adam baz

posted by slimfit on Saturday, January 21, 2006